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New veggie starts (Tomatoes! Peppers! Eggplants!) are here!

Molly chooses varieties to grow that do well in the Gorge. Try tomatoes like Oregon Spring and Early Willamette and ask about other well-adapted heirlooms, romas , and cherries. Much loved varieties such as Sungold , Cherokee Purple, and Great White Tomatoes will be so yummy in your garden this summer! Sweet and hot peppers, and eggplants are trickling in from the greenhouse over the next few weeks. Grab some basil starts too---perfect for summer meals. Look for squash, cucumbers and melons arriving next week...

Praying Mantis, Nematodes, Ladybugs, and Lacewings Are In!

Biological controls use natural enemies to control pests. This is a viable and effective alternative to pesticides for some pests in our area. Biocontrol agents include a wide variety of life forms, including vertebrates, invertebrates, fungi, and microorganisms. These beneficial species are common in most natural communities and, although their presence is often unnoticed, they help maintain the "balance of nature" by regulating the density of their host or prey population. Beneficial Nematodes naturally occur in soil and are used to control the larva of soil pest insects...

Chicks are HERE!

When our girls* arrive, they are fed organic starter feed and probiotic water to give them the best start possible. We guarantee you will take home healthy chicks or we will replace them.** Here Now! Americana Buff Orpington Red Ranger Delaware Jersey Black Giant Golden Lakenvelder Welsummer Mille Fleur COMING - May 29 Americana Australorp Barred Plymouth Rock Buckeye Blue Cochin Rhode Island Red Silver-laced Wyandotte Blue Wyandotte Cornish X Welsummer Prices range from $4-6. Broilers, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl are also available for special order...

Honey Bee Swarm Removal in Hood River

Do you think you have a honey bee swarm in Hood River or surrounding Columbia Gorge area including SW Washington? First off, don't panic. The bees are usually not aggressive at this stage of their life cycle and are very unlikely to sting. Swarming is the natural means of reproduction for honey bee colonies. What to do about it? Simple: Call Grow at: 541-632-3478 or fill out the form below. If we catch the swarm that you call in, we'll bring you a pint of our local honey too! Please be ready to answer a few questions such as: Your name, address and a way to reach you...